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our projects


our projects

Over the past two decades, Anupa has developed a wide range of large and small scale projects for nationally and internationally recognized clients and organizations. Listed below are select projects that demonstrate the vitality and extent of her expertise:

Anupa Mehta curates special exhibitions and art fair booths under the AMAA banner as well as for clients

Exhibitions & Fairs


CONTEMPORARY ART 101: Art Appreciation


 This multi-city weekend arts appreciation program comprises a series of specialist lectures aimed at students, art collectors, artists and media. The first of these programs took place at the Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum in Ahmedabad in December 2017. 



Anupa served as arts management consultant to the EMAMI group over 2016-2017, advising them on their new multi-arts facility, in Kolkata. She currently advises the director of EMAMI ART, Richa Agarwal, as curatorial advisor to visualize a world class contemporary arts experience and position Kolkata as the new hub of international arts activity. 


Ahmedabad International Art Festivals and Kala Ghoda Festivals

Anupa has served as the director of Kala Ghoda Festival, was consultant to Mumbai Festival, and is founding director of the Ahmedabad International Arts Festival. In these roles, she developed the programming and content for each festival, including city-wide public space arts exhibits built partnerships with local government, internationally and nationally renowned arts organizations and artists fund raised over $500,000 in sponsorship and created and marketed the overall vision for the festivals. 



This six-year long project started with restoring a 1920s heritage property. This house, Arts Reverie, served as the nexus for national and international artists interested in developing community arts projects of varying scale. Anupa supported these artists by embedding them in a large network of arts professionals and patrons, both in India as well as in the United Kingdom.  She helped artists enhance concepts, find local collaborators, as well as work with local government to exhibit these projects towards the end of widening the reach of arts education.